Lifetime Metal Shingles in Hilton Head Island SC

If you're looking to fortify and beautify your roofing system, we invite you to contact the roofing contractors at Ragsdale Roofing And Innovations LLC. We specialize in the installation and replacement of lifetime metal shingles made by EDCO and promise results that last.

Experience all the promised benefits of long-lasting steel shingles by working with our roofers. We promise flawless roof work alongside competitive rates that reflect our commitment to the Hilton Head Island community.

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How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Lifetime Metal Shingles?

At Ragsdale Roofing And Innovations LLC, we use EDCO's ArrowLine lifetime metal shingles. These steel shingles promise you no shortage of benefits. Their PVDF finish makes the roof less heat-absorbent, their non-prorated limited warranty includes labor costs, and they require less maintenance than traditional roofing systems. They're also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, resist corrosion, and provide excellent insulation.

To fully leverage these benefits, it's crucial to ensure proper installation and maintenance. Our roofing company utilizes high-grade fasteners and precise installation techniques to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of metal, preventing loosening or warping over time. This refined approach, combined with our thorough inspections and advanced sealing methods, ensures a watertight seal.

Can You Match Your Shingles to Your Tastes and Preferences?

It's one thing to have our roofers install metal roof shingles on your home-but it's another to have a rooftop that suits your tastes. Thankfully, EDCO's ArrowLine steel shake shingles come in a variety of colors and styles. You won't have to have a rooftop that resembles the metal roof on commercial properties and old barns. You can choose between classic red, charcoal gray, and over a dozen other options that can mimic other roofing materials, too. You'll be sure to find a style that suits your tastes and preferences.

Ragsdale Roofing And Innovations LLC Has the Roofing Services You Need

EDCO's ArrowLine shake steel roofing systems might have PVDF coatings that ward off mold growth, and a Class A fire rating, but that doesn't mean you won't need some of our roofing services from time to time.

Services our roofing company offers include:

  • Roof inspections and assessments
  • Installation of new metal shingle roofs
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Roof cleaning and maintenance
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Flashing repair and replacement
  • Ventilation system installation and repair
  • Roof deck repair and reinforcement
  • Storm damage assessment and repair
  • ...and more

How Wind Resistant are EDCO Steel Shingles?

The EDCO steel shingles are more than durable-they're capable of withstanding winds up to 160 miles per hour. You can credit their durability to the interlocking panels, secure fastening systems, and our by-the-book installation efforts. This exceptional wind resistance makes EDCO shingles a reliable choice for areas prone to high winds and harsh weather conditions.

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Call Ragsdale Roofing And Innovations LLC's roofers when you want to get the most out of your EDCO metal roofing system in Hilton Head Island. We're a premier provider of all the roofing services you need to keep your lifetime metal shingles in top condition. You can reach us at (912) 346-8250!